White Wine Tasting

Let’s take a refresher course on the 6 S’s of wine:

  • Sight – what do you see when you look at wine in a glass?
  • Swirl – what impact does the wine have on the glass when you swirl it?
  • Smell – what do you smell when you stick your nose into a glass of wine?
  • Sip – what initial flavors do you taste when you take a sip of wine?
  • Swish – what additional flavors appear when let wine linger in your mouth?
  • Savor – how long does the wine’s flavor and feel remain in your mouth?

You are now ready to describe your own wine experience by using the 6 S’s along with DOMSOM’s Principles of White and Red Wine Tasting tables to provide guidance and clues as to each of the 6 S’s and how you will experience them from the time you pour a wine into a glass, to the lingering impact the wine has in your mouth.  Before you get too concerned, here are a few facts to help take some of the fear out of the experience utilizing the 6 S’s as our guide.  Utilize the DOMSOM tables at the end of each lesson, during the module videos, or even tonight at dinner if you pop open a bottle of wine!