LESSON TWO: White Wine Flavor Profiles

With thousands of wines to choose from, it can be a tough challenge to order or purchase the perfect one.  Even more frustrating is that a single varietal, can have so many different styles and flavors, it can be nearly impossible to figure it all out.  DOMSOM to the rescue!  We like to talk about white wines based on their up front, undeniable, first impression.  Close your eyes, take a deep inhale and sip from the glass.  What sensations do you experience?  What are you reminded of?  What feeling remains in your mouth?  It is easy to get overly detailed and complex when trying to categorize wine by its flavor and smell when there are few simple categories in which nearly all white wines can fall.  For this module, we will reference the four DOMSOM white wine categories.

White Wine Categories:

  • Fresh and Crisp
    • Dry / High Acid / Just Ripe Fruit / Low Alcohol / Minimal Influence
  • Funky and Floral
    • Dry or Off-Dry / Low Acid / Riper Fruit / Moderate (check table) Alcohol / Floral
  • Rich and Creamy
    • Dry or Off-Dry / Low Acid / Riper Fruit / High Alcohol / Butter or Baking Spice
  • Sweet
    • Off Dry or Sweet (Residual or Added Sweetness)

We will use these categories to help you identify which types of wines can be made for each of the grape‚Äôs we will study.  This can come in very handy when you try to select a wine from a variety which can make many completely different styles of wine.  Try ordering chardonnay off a menu or recommending it to a restaurant guest – without knowing what category they expect, they will either love it or hate it!