Let’s Eat!

We at DOMSOM are firm believers there is no right or wrong time to drink wine – anytime is wine time in our book! When it comes to meals, there is absolutely nothing better than pouring a great bottle (or two…) of your favorite wine to enjoy over a bowl of pasta, a burger, a steak, a slice of pizza or anything else you might order or serve. Selecting wine should be fun, not scary. Truth is, there are no hard and fast rules on wine and food pairings, but there are certain styles of wine which naturally taste better with certain foods just as there are certain foods which taste better with specific wines.

Want a big, bold Zinfandel with your sea bass? We’re not here to judge. We are here to help you understand why the hefty tannins in your Zin may influence the way your sea bass tastes based on basic principles of flavor and taste impacts – remember in Module 1 when we explored Bitter, Sour, Salty and Sweet and how your tongue senses these flavors? That is exactly what we build upon in this lesson!

Without further delay… Let’s EAT!