RECAP: Red Wine

As we have now covered the most well-known white and red wines, you can use your knowledge to taste and identify the differences between each of the varietals using the DOMSOM wine tasting guides to help along the way.  We highly encourage you to also try the notable whites and reds at the end of Module 3 and this module.  Our goal is for you to be able to describe your wine tasting experience in a language everyone can understand and appreciate.  While the experts may use highly specific terminology or taste and aroma references, most of this will fly right over the head of the average consumer.  You have everything you need to share your wine experience with others so do not be afraid to dive right in and do it! 

U.S. Red Wine delivers a wide variety of style from Fresh & Fruity to Packed with a Punch!

DOMSOM has now covered the basics of wine growing and wine making from vine to glass in Module 1.  Module 2 provided wine tasting basics utilizing the 6 S’s (sight, swirl, smell, sip, swish, savor) breaking the process down between white and red wines.  In Modules 3 and 4, deep dives into the U.S.’s top varietals applied what you have learned into the why’s and how’s of what makes wine made from the same grape varietal taste completely different.  What could possibly be next?  Saving the best for last, Module 5 will focus on wine service and selection, in other words, the elements you as a wine enthusiast or as a service professional have within your control!  Ready, set, go!