So Many Options, How Can I Choose?

If you think picking a bottle of wine from a restaurant menu is stressful, selecting from the shelves of a wine shop, liquor store or grocery store can feel like an impossible task!  Take a deep breath and take note of everything you have learned up to this point in your DOMSOM course.  There is absolutely no right or wrong answer, it’s all about how you feel, how you intend to drink the wine and what experience you want to have while drinking it.  Oh right, we almost forgot how much you are willing to spend!

Thankfully, you never have to look outside the 50 magnificent states in America to find wine from all varietals and all styles.  Ask yourself a few simple questions we highlight below and never be afraid to try something new.  You may just find your new favorite wine.

  • How am I going to drink this wine?  With Food?  On the patio?
  • What sounds better for the situation?  A chilled white?  A bold red?
  • What price point am I willing to pay?
  • Once I decide on the varietal, which climate style sounds better?  A cool climate Pinot Noir or a moderate climate Pinot Noir?
  • How adventurous am I feeling?  Should I pick something I have never tried?

For example, if the goal is to pick the best porch sipping wine ask yourself if you want a crisp fresh white (great for hot days) which you can find in the cooler regions for all 4 white wines DOMSOM has covered and use the tasting styles (Fresh and Crisp, Funky and Floral) to help narrow down the selection. 

On the other hand if you want a wine that feels like a warm cozy blanket wrapped around you consider a higher alcohol style of any of the 4 red wines and once again leverage the tasting styles (Fresh and Fruity, Dry and Dirty and Packed with a Punch) to figure out which matches your mood the best.

You have all the information and tools to make great wine selections day in and day out!  While we at DOMSOM cannot promise you will love every bottle you open or select, we can promise you now have the skills to know why!  Now get out there and grab a few bottles to kick off the next stage of your wine journey as a DOMSOM tribe member!