Pairing Red Wine: Dry and Dirty

Climate influences on Pinot Noir can make cool climate and moderate climate styles taste so different one would almost think they are not even the same varietal.  When grown in cool climates, the result leans toward DOMSOM’s Dry and Dirty style with red fruits pairing magically with earthy, mushroomy (is that even a word?) flavors.  Earthy wine paired with earthy foods – yum!

Dry and Dirty

Dry / High Acid / Earthy Flavors / Minimal Influences / Food Friendly

Pinot Noir:   Easy wine to pair with food, Pinot Noir’s Dry and Dirty style has layers of complexity from red fruits to forest floor and compost to mushrooms.  As a rule of thumb this earthier styles take center stage with creamy casseroles, mushrooms, herb roasted root vegetables and roast duck, goose or pheasant.  Holding its own with simpler dishes, Dry and Dirty Pinot Noir’s funky, earthy and umami flavors open the door to foods with similarly unique flavors.  If you cannot figure out what to pair with a dish, start with a Dry and Dirty Pinot Noir!  

Food Pairings:

Fatty fish such as salmon and halibut
Roasted chicken and pork
Game birds
Stews and casseroles
Earthy root vegetables, truffles and mushrooms
Fennel, beets, parsnips and any other unique vegetable
Foods seasoned with woody herbs like rosemary and sage  

Key Words: Earthy, light, dry, fruity, balanced, tart, complex.