Pairing Red Wine: Packed with a Punch

Packed with a Punch

Dry / High Tannin / High Alcohol / Significant Influences / Intense Flavor / Ageable

Cabernet Sauvignon:   Big and bold, fruity and savory and in no way a dainty wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is a food lovers wine.  Holding up to red meats from braised to grilled, creamy and cheesy sides to the simplest burger and fries, Cabs cut through fat, seasoning, creaminess, and any other rich dish you throw at it.  No wonder it is America’s darling of red wine!   Zinfandel:   Much like Cabs, Zinfandels hold up perfectly to grilled, roasted and braised meats with simple seasoning or rich sauces.  Add some curry or spice, especially Asian or Middle-Eastern, and Zinfandel will make a perfect pairing.   We at DOMSOM never hesitate to pop a Zin on Italian night whether having pizza or pasta, this is a match made in heaven.  Let’s not forget Taco Tuesday either!  

Food Pairings:

Red meat of any kind served in any way – lamb, beef, game
Barbecue beef, pork, ribs
Macaroni and Cheese
Mushrooms, especially Portabella
Roast or grilled vegetables
Hard cheeses and blue cheese
Dark chocolate!  

Key Words: Big, bold, chewy, juicy, dry, intense, heavy, rich, spicy.