Pairing White Wine: Funky and Floral

Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris can be extremely aromatic and complex.  Falling into DOMSOM’s Funky and Floral style, they not only drive great fruit flavors and aromas, but have layers of plant and flower- based undertones which can make food pairing magical.  While stylistically in the same category, Sauvignon Blanc leans more toward green, herbal and grassy notes while Pinot Gris is spicier and more floral.  Therefore, food pairings will differ slightly to bring out the best in each varietal.

Funky and Floral

Dry or Off-Dry / Low Acid / Riper Fruit / Moderate Alcohol / Floral

Sauvignon Blanc:   Herbaceous and delicious, this style of Sauvignon Blanc can possess vegetal notes of asparagus, green pepper and grasses. 

Pinot Gris:   Pinot Gris is the deeper, broodier of the siblings and brings out the bold, spicy and honey flavored elements of the wine.  Equally as food friendly, it can withstand heavier, meatier fish and a wide variety of white meat preparations.  Try it with some spicy sushi!  Just like oaky chardonnay, creamy sauces and side dishes make for great experiences with Pinot Gris!  

Food Pairings:

Roast Chicken

White, flaky fish

Seafood salads

Pasta with Pesto

Green vegetables especially asparagus

Lighter Asian cuisine with lime, lemongrass 

Goat cheese

Food Pairings:

Meaty, fattier fish




Chicken and PorkSausage

Creamy sauces

Spicy Asian cuisine


Key Words: Spicy, herbal, grassy, floral, complex, perfumed, green.