Solving the Mystery

Answering questions on the spot about wine recommendations can be one of the most stressful experiences for anyone in the food and beverage service industry.  Trust us, at DOMSOM, we can relate!  Blank stares, stuttered words, running away from the table with hot, red cheeks in embarrassment. 

On the flip side, who hasn’t been stumped ordering wine at a restaurant?  You want seafood, your dinner date wants a filet and your guests want chicken fried steak and there isn’t a single wine on the list you have ever heard of or tasted!  Do you close your eyes point to the wine list and pick the closest thing to where your finger lands?  Order a gin and tonic instead? 

We’ve all been there – and that’s why we’re here!  DOMSOM is all about taking the fear out of wine and making it fun for everyone!

This section is designed to cover some key elements of wine selection, service and the business of wine in real time – when you are on the spot and have to think quickly on your feet. DOMSOM’s focus starts with a series of reliable open-ended questions for you to use to get insight about your guests’ preferences and expectations.  Your workplace is likely to have its own training program, so the DOMSOM method is structured to enhance your own personal skills and confidence in identifying flavor profiles and matching them to fit the moment and the meal.

For wine enthusiasts, we want to arm you with the right questions to ensure ordering or purchasing wine is a great experience for you as well.  Having both sides of the transaction in sync can make the stars align and the wine gods rejoice!

In Part 2, DOMSOM has created a question and answer (Q&A) dialogue to help you build rapport as a service professional with your customers. These dialogues work equally well with wine enthusiasts trying to find that perfect bottle to match the moment. This unique approach is designed to provide insight into what each person is experiencing and to create a language everyone can understand.