Varietal 4: Zinfandel | Part B: Climate Influences

Moderate Climate:  With longer growing periods which result in more flavor complexity, balanced acidity and layers of spiciness.  Sugars develop slower in these areas translating to lower alcohol levels than their warm climate cousins.  The overall result is a highly balanced wine with riper red and black fruit flavors leaning more toward raspberries and blackberries complementing peppery undertones. Dry, complex, wild and racy wines benefit from the ability to build intensity slowly and steadily.

Warm Climate:  Ripe, juicy, jammy red and black fruit flavors dominate warm climate Zins giving the impression of slight sweetness even though they remain completely dry.  Sugars build rapidly prior to extremely warm harvest temperatures being reached making the wines higher in alcohol.  The combination of fruit-forward and high alcohol in this style can even lean toward baked and dried fruit flavors.  Remaining wild and untamed while big and fruity, this Zin style is like a party in your glass