Wine Glasses – Do They Matter?

LESSON 3: Through the Drinking Glass

Part 1:  Wine glasses – do they matter?

Yes, and no!  Officially, there is truly an art to making wine smell and taste as true to the wine maker and varietal’s style intentions by having the shape of the wine glass’ bowl and opening bring out the best features in a wine.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a wine tasting or dinner sponsored by a glass maker, we recommend you take advantage of it and go.  The reality is, however, that very few people and even fewer restaurants have enough space or need to have glasses for every varietal in their cellar or on their wine list.  Neither do we!

Breaking it down to the basics, DOMSOM separates wine glasses into white and red to help you understand how the glass influences what you smell or taste.  Even if you only have one style of wine glass available to you, understanding the influences can help you at some point along your wine journey.

The above varietal wine glasses are from Riedel’s Vinum collection.